We like Disney, a lot.  Whether it be by land or by sea, east coast or west coast, American or Europe…it’s Disney all the time.  We also do a lot of research in advance of our trips to try and maximize every aspect of our trip.  While some of us love planning, others don’t, and some just don’t have the time.  Also, as people who keep strictly kosher it adds an extra wrinkle of complexity to the trips.  So, rather then hoard all of my knowledge and experience In our many trips we decided to try and help others: cue Kosher in the Kingdom.

This is not the official anything, other then officially our opinions.  We are not official representatives of Disney, Disney Cruise line, Disney Jr., Disney Channel, Disney TV movie (wow there are a lot of Disney properties).  Our views are our own and based on our own experiences.
That being said, things change all the time.  So if you have an update, let us know! Info@kosherinthekingdom.com

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Who are YOU to talk about Kosher? Are you a rabbi?

Me? A rabbi? Ho, that’s rich.  No little lady, I’m not, but all the information contained in this book was accurate as of the time it was researched but all of this is subject to change.  Additionally, I am not a Rabbi, nor I am any form of kosher expert or authority.  Nothing in here should be taken as p’sak or any form of halachic ruling when it comes to anything including reliability of kosher symbols, assumptions as to treatment of utensils, co-mingling of ingredients, or cooking procedures.  Please bear in mind that we cannot pass judgement on reliability. Kosher standards vary dramatically from agency to agency. So please make sure to confirm any specific supervision, symbols, and/or assumptions  with your Local Rabbi of Choice (ROC).