Around this time every year Disney announces their annual price increase, and fortunately Undercover Tourist has an existing stock of WDW tickets that they sell at the old prices (while supplies last). The same applies for Disneyland tickets which can be purchased through aResTravel.

However, this year Disney has decided to change their ticket policy which can have a real effect on those travelers who look to lock in savings year in advance.  In the past Walt Disney World tickets could be purchased and had no expiration date until they were used (once used the tickets have a 14 day expiration date).  But, this year Disney has decided that any WDW ticket purchased will have an official expiration date, just like Disneyland tickets.  But if you buy your tickets through Undercover Tourist (while supplies last) they retain the old expiration policy.

There is good news however: Undercover Tourist is still selling the old tickets with the old expiration policy meaning they the clock wont start until you use your ticket for the first time.  So if you are planning on going to WDW (anytime) or Disneyland (in the near future) lock in your savings TODAY or you will be paying the new prices and subject to the new expiration policy at WDW.

It is also worth noting that Universal Studios has been known to increase their prices shortly after Disney, so if you are looking to travel there, its a good time to lock those up those up as well.  So, buy your Universal Studios Florida or Hollywood tickets before the price increase hits!

Hat tip to Mousesavers

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