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China Pavilion at EPCOT


Disney has expanded across the globe, to many different places beyond the continental US, including: Hawaii, Europe, Hong Kong and even Shanghai.  With these expansions Disney has seen the opportunity to make each experience as inclusive as possible, so there are kosher options available at all of the aforementioned parks except for Shanghai[1].

Aulani – Disney’s Hawaiian Resort

Aulani (pronounced OH-lah-nee) opened in 2011 with an expansion that was completed in 2013.  The resort has amazing facilities and a price to match.  Not included in that high cost is meals, kosher or not.  As with most Disney locations Aulani is willing to work with you to provide a meal that meet your particular standards (short of kashering the entire kitchen), including double wrapping fish, potatoes, fresh fruit and veggies, etc.  You can pre-order (48 hours’ notice) kosher meals at Ama Ama and Makahiki and they currently provide 3 meal choices: Salmon ($32), roasted chicken ($35), and roast beef ($42) as well as sealed kosher rolls which are provided by Oahu Kosher.  Additionally, the resort does carry kosher wine including: Baron Herzog Chardonnay and Cabernet.

Oahu Kosher also delivers to the resort as long as they are given 48 hours’ notice. For Shabbat you could consider staying near the local Chabad which provides meals which you can reserve through their website or call 808-735-8161

Costs: Adult – Lunch: $35 Dinner: $55, Both – $75, Children – Lunch: $25, Dinner: $35, Both – $50.

Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland

If you have been thinking of traveling outside the US to visit international destinations, then Disneyland Paris could be the place for you.  Currently the park provides meals if you contact the restaurant 24 hours in advance by contacting the Central Restaurant Reservation Service at +33 1 60 30 40 50 (international call rates apply, cost may vary according to network). The current options consist of a fish or a chicken meal and cost ~€35 each.  The meals are provided by Wam World and More (which provides kosher food to various European airlines as well).

Hong Kong Disneyland indicates that there is kosher food available at the Main Street Corner Cafe hosted by Coca Cola® and all Resort hotel restaurants.  Patrons are asked to give 48 hours’ notice as to the kosher meal request at (852) 1830 830. At press time, despite inquiries, there were no specific menu options available to share.


[1] It is possible there are options at Shanghai Disneyland but unfortunately we were unable to get this information at this time

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