Kosher Disneyland Snacking and Eating Outside the Parks

The world famous (and kosher) Mickey Bar

Disneyland, like Disney World, has kosher options in the snacks throughout the parks, especially much of the ice cream (including the famous Mickey Bar).  Disney is really good about keeping reference material on the ingredients included in items which include the kosher symbol in many cases. (Also helpful for those with allergies.)

There are no Starbucks on the Disneyland parks or hotels yet but there are still a number of locations where you can get your coffee fix, including a Starbucks in the Downtown Disney area right outside of California Adventure.

Other Eating in Anaheim

Options for outside kosher food in the Disneyland area are much more limited than at WDW.  Los Angeles is about 30 miles away, which doesn’t seem like a long drive if you haven’t driven in LA but in reality, 30 miles might as well be approximately (pronounced “actually”) 300 miles.  It would not be recommended to drive to LA and then back to Anaheim for another day at the parks.  There are a few options that are in the driving distance:

  • Many Coffee Beans in the continental US are kosher, and in California, there are a lot of them. Coffee bean serves not only coffee but muffins, bagels, and other pastries and even small sandwiches and salads that can make a good meal on the run.
  • Orange Country Kosher Market – Less than 10 miles from the park this location provides not only take out but full grocery shopping, odds and ends like Shabbat candles, and delivery.
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