Not So Kosher at the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays

L’Chaim! Holiday Kitchen not actually kosher

L’Chaim! Holiday Kitchen looks too good to be true…because it is (photo credit:

This year at the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays Disney opened a new temporary location called L’Chaim! Holiday Kitchen and many of us in the kosher world got excited that they would be hosting the first fully kosher location in about a decade. However, the name was too good to be true. Not only does the location not have any form of supervision, or even frozen kosher meals that are available at other locations throughout WDW, but there is no promise of anything kosher.

“While Holiday Kitchen L’Chaim! draws inspiration from traditional Jewish dishes, all of our festival food and beverage items are prepared in a shared kitchen space and due to those operational needs, we are unable to meet kosher guidelines,” a spokesperson for Disney told Mic in an email. “We continue to offer kosher meals on request at several of our Food & Beverage locations throughout the park, which are provided by a kosher-approved third-party vendor.”
Not Kosher menu at L’Chaim! Holiday Kitchen (photo credit:

While this is surely disappointing news to those of us hoping Disney finally gives kosher travelers a fresh kosher option, it should provide some hope that Disney has recognized there is a segment of the population who are looking for these option and just has to get it “right” in the future.

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