Quick Service Dining Overview

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café in Magic Kingdom

Weren’t able to make reservations in time to book a restaurant in the park you wanted on the day you are there?  Aren’t the plan ahead type and want to fly by the seat of your pants? (Please wait until you pants come to a complete stop before departing.) Are your kids lying on the floor screaming “I’m hungry! No, not later! Now!” and you just waited on line, and you just spend $50 on a doll that should have cost $4, and you got a late start because you slept in even though you had the day planned by the hour and now you are at least an hour of schedule and…oh sorry, got carried away.  Well, Disney has got you covered.

Almost every Disney Park, and well as many Disney owned hotels, have quick service options available ready for the kosher traveler.  Ready is a relative term since the meals are mostly frozen in the back and need to be reheated before they are edible, unlike most of the non-kosher quick service options (the ice cream does not need reheating).  However, remember that you are paying for convenience and not ambiance; quick service is just that, quick service.  Get your food, eat, keep moving, do not smell the roses, do not collect $200.

Generally, they will not have the kosher items listed with everything else on the big menu behind the counter, so if they don’t, ask someone about the kosher options.  They will sometimes bring a book that contains a menu of kosher options, or just list them for you.  Remember: choices will vary by location and sometimes even by month/season.

See the posts on Disneyland and Disney World respectively for the details of each locations quick service options

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