Shabbat Meals and Hotels in Orlando

Since many people like to spend a shabbat in Orlando during the yeshiva break, and other times throughout the year, there are a number of options for those travelers looking for meal  (be sure to read this post for minyan times and locations in the Orlando area as it may also provide hints as to where a group of people might be staying at a hotel for shabbat). Of note: there is no eruv currently in Orlando, at best there is a proposed eruv (not that it helps anyone right now).  Meals can be bought ahead of time from most of the local establishments (see link for local restaurants and supermarkets that carry kosher food)

Looking to spend shabbat at a Disney hotel? Check back this week for a Disney resort breakdown

Chabad of South Orlando

Offers meals for both Friday Night and Shabbat day which can be reserved here

Dinner: $45 adult $36 child
Kiddush Luncheon: $25 adult $18 child

(Adults are ages 12 and up; Children are ages 3-11)

They have a special rate at the Westgate Palace (about a 20 min walk from the Chabad), see here for more details. They also provide this list of additional hotels in walking distance from the Chabad.


Chabad of North Orlando

Will periodically offer communal shabbat meals as well as interesting guest speakers.  Check their site for details.  Offers a weekly kiddish following services on shabbat morning


Additional Villas

Below are additional kosher options for shabbat.  While most do not provide any accommodations for minyan (with the notable exception of the first item on the list below), and many aren’t even walk-able to one, they may suit some people’s needs

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