Summer 2020 “Disney Park Trips” (from home)

Since our family was having a severe case of cabin fever during the summer of COVID (or 2020 as some people call it) we decided to spice it up with some Disney themed days. Below are some of the things we did to try and spice up an otherwise normal Sunday with a Disney twist

  • Disney rides – This channel on YouTube has 360 VR adventures with many of the Disney rides. Hook up a VR headset, skip the line, and away you go!
  • Recreate a restaurant – many of the restaurants at Disney can be recreated at home if you use your imagination. We recreated a Tusker House character breakfast with Jungle Juice, fruit, cereal, and of course our “characters” from around the house.
Tusker House Character Breakfast From Home
  • Re-create a pool by putting plastic balls into a laundry basket or kiddie pool (or actual pool depending on the weather)
  • Watch fireworks or parades on YouTube
  • Buy Mickey bars, mickey waffles, etc. many of which are now available at your local grocery store.
  • Make a custom Disney item off a specialty cookbook
  • Have a Disney dance party using one of the many Spotify playlists others have created

Do you have other items people should try? Add them in the comments below!

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