WDW Table Service Recommendation – Be Our Guest

The very popular, and hard to book, Be Our Guest

$14.99 and under per person (breakfast/lunch)

$15 to $34.99 per person (dinner)

Recommended Meal(s) – Breakfast or Dinner

The hottest new restaurant in Disney, Be Our Guest, is a wonderful take on the Beauty and the Beast story. There are three different dining rooms:

  • The Grand Ballroom – exactly as it sounds, the ballroom from the movie (look for a hidden character giving some extra candlelight)
  • The West Wing – modeled to look like the Beast’s office. Includes many details that show off the rage of the beast, as well as the actual rose.  This can be scary for younger kids (and there will be no appearance by President Bartlet either, sorry)
  • The Castle Gallery – a more open dining experience that also includes rotating, dancing Belle and Beast statues.

Breakfast and lunch are actually a Quick Service dining experience, where you order your meals on a computer before entering your dining space and based on your magic band the servers know exactly where to bring your food.  Due to this being Quick Service, you cannot pre-order kosher food.  The only option available at press time, besides the fruit included with many of the meals, was the kid’s Kellogg Cereal served at breakfast, so we would not recommend a lunch meal here.  We were able to order the cereal, even for an adult diner, without an issue, but that could vary.

If you just want to check out the rooms there is no real reason to book for dinner, which books up much faster, and is more expensive.  However, if you are looking for a full meal (which can be ordered like any other kosher Table Service meal), then you will have to book a dinner meal.

During dinner, beyond the room itself, there is a special dance of Belle and the Beast only in the Castle Gallery.  This experience is going fast for dinner so if you want to attend make sure to book 180 days beforehand or check constantly in the days leading up to the day you want to go (keep in mind you still have to give 24 hours’ notice to ensure that a kosher meal is available).


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