WDW Table Service Recommendation – Cinderella’s Table

Entrance to Cinderalla's Table in the Castle

Adult price range: $67.96-$75.83;

Child (ages 3-9) price range: $41.84-$45.24

Recommended Meal(s) – Breakfast or Dinner

Did you know there is a restaurant in the castle at the Magic Kingdom?  Who else but Cinderella would host a meal within the castle that is at the center of it all?  But this isn’t just a meal in one of the most iconic places in any of the parks, it is a full princess experience from top to bottom. When you first arrive you wait in a pretty quick moving line to take a picture with Cinderella herself. (You get a free copy of this picture when you leave.  ) While on line, check out the little details in the room; you might even see some of “Cinderelly’s” little friends hiding.

Once seated, each child will be given a magical wand and a wishing star that is used to help bring the magic to life.  There will be a rotation of princesses who go from table to table so each group gets some personal time with each princess.  The princesses who circle vary but they have included: Jasmine, Snow White, Aurora, and Ariel.  We booked a breakfast so the adults got official kosher meals (blintzes and an omelet in our case), but since cereal was available for the little ones we took advantage of that, and our picky eater was thrilled.

The fact that we had one of the earliest breakfast times was a great experience since we entered the park before the official opening and got to walk down Main Street without a soul in sight (expect the others with reservations), which was pretty special.  However, some go out of their way to try and get a dinner reservation so they can their meal during the fireworks which take place right outsides the windows and light up the room (however you won’t get the full fireworks itself experience).


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