WDW Table Service Recommendation – Tusker House

The "Marketplace" at Tusker House

$37 for breakfast, $49 for lunch/dinner per adult

$23 for breakfast, $30 for lunch/dinner per child

Recommended Meal(s) – Breakfast

Many of the character meals are hard to get into and must be booked months in advance. However, there is a great experience that is often overlooked in the breakfast buffet at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom.  Not only does the restaurant provide an early morning breakfast before the park opens so you can get first access to rides right after you finish eating, but it’s much easier to get into than many of the other options. The atmosphere, that of an African market, is done wonderfully and you really feel like you have been transported to another continent.

While you have to book and reserve your kosher meals like any other meal at WDW, there are also a limited number of options available at the breakfast buffet including: fresh fruit, oatmeal[1] and cereal (You can also check on the bagels and other baked goods when you visit, as they may be kosher packaged items.)  Unlike many other meals, the meal is all you can eat and the drinks are all you can drink. Tusker House is also one of the two places (the other being Boma) that serve “Jungle Juice” which is just passionfruit juice, guava juice and orange juice[2] (which is easily made at home and is delicious). (Update: the Jungle Juice is no longer made fresh on location and instead comes from a mix bearing a Triangle K)

The character portion of the meal is quick but great for kids.  The characters (Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Goofy) will enter one by one, starting at one end of the restaurant and working their way  from table to table, giving a couple of minutes of attention to each table, including pictures.

[1] You should check the oatmeal packaging and see if they are still making the oatmeal in an oatmeal only vessel.  Remember these could change at any time so one should check and also speak with their ROC regarding whether this can be relied on.

[2] Again, please check with your ROC regarding relying on this mixture

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  1. Taking this advise, we booked this Character Breakfast last Wednesday January 23rd! While super expensive and not the best bang you could get for your buck, it was really fun. It got us into the park bright and early and the characters (Donald, Daisy, Mickey and Goofy) each come by the table and make you feel like they have all the time in the world for you to take pics. I was able to book an 8:10 am reservation on December 30th, then called 24 hrs ahead to order kosher meals. The meal choices were Omelette or Blintzes. They come double wrapped like airplane food. The omelette was edible as were the potatoes, I thought the mushrooms were too rubbery to eat. The blintz was very sweet but also edible and comes with apple sauce on the side. We asked the kind waiter to show us the label of the “Jungle Juice”, it is made by Minute Maid and under the Triangle K. The kids ended up eating the cold cereal and we also got some fruit. The coffee was quite good! Though we finished breakfast before the official park opening time of 9am, there was already a 2 hour wait to get into Pandora! We headed straight for the line of Kilimanjaro Safari and basically walked right up the to boarding are in 10 minutes. Got us off to a great start of our day. Thanks Gavi for a great recommendation!

    • Lisa, thanks for the account! The jungle juice was made fresh on the spot last time we were there, I guess they changed that? Did they only show you one item with the triangle K or was one of the 3 juices under that (since its not 1 juice but 3 different types mixed together)?

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